About Me

Welcome To My Blog!!

I’m so glad you’re visiting my blog. I started this blog to share my journey from being a single girl living in Los Angles to now being married and living in Toronto!! Yes, you read that right. I left sunny California and moved to Toronto to be with my very Canadian husband.

On Sparkles & Lattes I will be sharing skincare products that I recommend for different concerns along with helpful tips on how to care for and have the best skin possible. I am in the process of getting skincare certified, as I learn more ways to care for my skin I will be blogging about it.

On the blog you can be sure to find some of my favorite recipes that I enjoy making,  that are easy to make and of course taste delicioso. I try to find recipes that are healthy, yet flavorful. I make an effort to take little steps towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s an evolving list and always a work in progress. I would love to share my journey towards a healthier me and learn from all of you along the way.

A little bit about me: I love spending time exploring the city and discovering Toronto’s best dessert places and coffee shops. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a coffee shop with a good latte. I’m a true girly girl. I love all things pink, anything lace, and all things that sparkle.

I hope this blog brings a little sparkle to your day. “

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