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My Favorite Makeup Brushes and How to Care for Them

Makeup brushes are essential to creating the perfect makeup look. I’ve tried and tested so many different brushes and I finally found the ones I love. So I thought I would share them all of you lovelys.

What makeup brushes I use:


I use Bdellium brushes. I love the quality of the bristles, they last a long time and they are at a reasonable price point. These are the brush numbers of the brushes I use in my daily makeup routine. I have plenty more but these are the ones I use for my daily looks.

Also did I mention they are PINK!!!! Another reason why I love them even more

bdellium 944  bdellium 958 bdellium 959 bdellium 957 bdellium 777 bdellium 772 bdellium 767 bdellium 936

Here is where you can buy your own set. There are different options available. Below is the link for the 22pc. full set but they have different options available if you’re looking for a more basic set.

Bd Full Brush Set

Bdellium Tools Bambu Deluxe Set, Pink


Bdellium Eyes Only Set, Pink                                            Bdellium Bambu Complete Set, Pink

How often should you wash your makeup brushes?

I recommend washing your makeup brushes once a week. The product we use builds up on it along with the oils and bacteria from our faces. In an effort to prevent breakouts, it’s a good idea to wash your brushes often.

What I use to clean my brushes:

There are so many makeup brush cleaners but one of my favorites is Clinique makeup brush cleaner.  It’s available at most department stores. I normally buy it at Macys but now that I’m in Toronto, I get it from the bay and I’ve linked it here as well. Another cleaner I’ve used is Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner.

Clinique Brush Cleaner                                                        Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

If you don’t have a makeup cleaner around a great alternative is body wash or any mild soap will work as well.

How I clean my brushes:

I dampen the brush bristles, add a bit of the spray or shampoo onto the bristles, then gently swirl the brush on your palm. An alternative is to fill a glass with lukewarm water and swirl the brush in the glass. Rinse the brush throughly. (tip: avoid getting the part where the metal and wood meet, it loosens the glue that hold it together) Lay them flat on a towel to dry, before using your brushes.

When is it time to toss those brushes?

A good general rule to follow is if the bristles start shedding or if they have so much build up that they no longer get clean, toss them.

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