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Why We All Need Himalayan Salt Lamps in Our Lives

I was always intrigued by salt lamps but never knew the extent of the benefits until I finally got one. I started using the lamp right away, not really knowing the beneficial aspects of the lamp. I did a little digging around and here’s what I found out:

A Himalayan salt lamp is a large piece of Himalayan salt usually with a bulb inside. There are different variations of the lamp; some come in small pieces of salt, larger salt blocks, or carved into different shapes.

Not only does the lamp add a great ambiance to the room, it has so many other unseen benefits.

To start, the lamp helps improve air quality. The salt attracts water and the pollutants and allergens that are contained within the water particles. The water vapor dries, leaving the dust and allergens attached to the salt and thus not floating around in the air. This also helps relieve allergy symptoms.

The ambient lighting of the lamp helps to feel a sense of calmness and increase relaxation. The lamps also work to balance and neutralize negative ions in the air. With all of our electronic products constantly emitting electromagnetic radiation, it is thought that the negative ions the salt emits helps reduce the impact of the radiation.

It is believed that the negative ions emitted by the salt help neutralize the positive ions that are present in our households. Positive ions are responsible for draining our energy. With the increase in negative ions, it helps reduce the impact of the positive ions and in turn increases our energy. Lastly, the lamp is believed to help improve sleep patterns and improve your mood.

I am not sure how accurate these claims are or if they have been proven. However, from my personal experience, I can vouch that since having the lamp, I have noticed an improvement in my mood and overall energy. I don’t know if this is a result of the salt lamp or my morning coffee. What I do know for sure, is that it is a great little decorative piece added to our living room collection. The orange warm hue adds a soft romantic feel to the room and it doubles as an excellent night lamp.

Even if the claims cannot be proven, it’s a beautiful lamp that brings a little bit of the outdoors in your home.

My little salt lamp..

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